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Know Yourself

What a pleasure it was to talk to Erik Tucker (Colorado) on the phone yesterday. He was full of good news and enthusiasm, a big difference from the doom and gloom I’ve been hearing from all sides lately. I asked if he would put some of his good thoughts in writing for our website. 

Well I sure liked to visit with you.  Reading the book [“Smile and Mean it“] has shown me more of myself, after I get it all read I think I will know more about all of us. Two weeks ago I was at a loss not sure where to be or what to do about anything, your book just turned up. I had time, so I started reading, not an easy thing to put down so I didn’t, just kept reading. Not sure when it was I just started to see how I should change things for myself (BECAUSE I COULD). Somethings became clear, and I had the answers just not the questions. Well the questions started to come out as I just read and relaxed understanding more about who I am and where to go from here.

So forward I go with some better intersession from myself, having a life time with depression and anxiety and all the things it’s good for, I think it’s great to have somebody care enough to tell a story that can recharge, revive, redirect my life long interest with stock, ranching, grazing, and marketing.

Glad you got it done.