Bud Williams Stockmanship and Livestock Marketing

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Bud Williams Stockmanship
Eunice Williams
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“Stock Dogs: Partners and Friends” Book and DVD Set Available Now!

Since Bud’s illness and death in 2012, I have had a compulsion to be sure all of the information possible about him and his method of working animals is made available to the folks who are interested.

Bud helped me get his livestock marketing and stockmanship information ready for publication. We now sell two different video packages of Bud Williams Stockmanship and a 340-page book Proper Livestock Marketing to fully document both those subjects.

For several years I had wanted to make Bud’s video of starting a colt available to the public, but he didn’t want to have to argue with the horse trainers. We did put together a video, and Bud gave copies to individuals we met along the way who he thought would get some good out of it. After his death I started selling this video.

Next on the list was pulling together our autobiography Smile and Mean it. This 630 page hard-cover book with photos covers our adventures from our early lives in southern Oregon to working cattle and reindeer in Alaska to a feedlot in Canada and teaching in Australia. This isn’t a manual on stockmanship, marketing, or working stock dogs, but it does mention all those subjects and more.

The last thing I think might be of value to people is the information I have about stock dogs. Again, this was a subject Bud knew would irritate the trial dog people, and he didn’t want to be bothered with them. For friends, Bud narrated over video of working stock dogs on cattle, sheep, and reindeer, and we gave it to interested people who asked about his techniques. I did a little editing work on that video and feel that, combined with this book to add further explanation, the reader/viewer will get a complete picture of Bud’s unique methods of working stock dogs.

Bud and his dogs were partners. This isn’t a book about training dogs. It’s a book about making the most of your partnership and friendship with your dog while you work your livestock.

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