Happy 80th Birthday, Bud

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Our 146th Stockmanship School

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Our 146th Stockmanship School is now in the books. This doesn’t count the 1-day seminars, only the 2 or 3 day schools. For a couple of uneducated country folks Bud and I have left a mark on the livestock industry. Looking back, it feels pretty good to know that we have been able to help some people and a lot of animals along the way.

We are very pleased at the number of young people who are attending our schools. The future of the livestock industry is in good hands.

The states of Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming were represented. We are getting a lot of Texas students now that we’ve moved to Kansas!

School #145 was a Great Success

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Bud and I just completed a 2-day Stockmanship School plus a 3rd day for whatever anyone wanted to talk about.  As usual, we had a terrific group of people and are very pleased  with the number of young folks attending.  I think the livestock industry of the future is in good hands. 

17 states, 3 Canadian Provinces, Mexico, Venezuela, and Holland were represented.

We’re also happy to note the number of veterinarians who are buying into Bud’s concepts.  Dr. Paul Rapnicki of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine presented us with this plaque.

Dr. Rapnicki has been to several schools and has sent us many videos to critique.  It has been a pleasure to note the improvements in his students from one video to the next.

Below are the two veterinarians from Holland

Joep Driessen and Jan Hulsen

Canadian Visitors

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Don and Nancy Lidster traveled from their home in Saskatchewan to attend the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.  Since they were “in the neighborhood” they decided to stop and visit with us.  It’s always a pleasure to discuss their progress with introducing “Low Stress Pig Handling” to the industry.  Check out their website at www.dnlfarmsltd.com/pighandling

Great School at Cheyenne

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Bud & I always laugh at each other when, after we finish a school, one of us always says “This is the best group of people yet.”  That’s the way that we feel right now.

We had people from 22 states and 3 Canadian provinces attend.  Their interests included  beef, dairy, buffalo, swine, goats, feedlot, heifer development – in other words, a typical Bud Williams Stockmanship School student body.  It seems like we are getting more and more Veterinarians attending our programs.  Do you think that the industry is finally starting to believe that the emotions of the animals are something that must be taken into account if we expect them to be healthy and productive?

Cheyenne Class

We have lived in “Tornado Alley”  off and on for several years, but the only tornados I have seen were in Alberta Canada, and just last week in Cheyenne.  This picture was taken from our hotel.

Cheyenne tornado

Visitor from Australia 3/24/10

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Bud and I spent an enjoyable day with Christine Ferguson.  Chris won a Nuffield Farming Scholarship for 2010.   Every year a selection of farmers from around the world are chosen to study agriculture and their industry by being sent on a whirlwind tour of the globe.  She operates a Rangland Goat operation in New South Wales, Australia.  If you’d like to learn more, check out this website  http://goatcatcher.farmnet.com.au/about/ .
Chris is the third Nuffield Scholar who has visited us in the last few years.  They have all been very bright, ambitious and innovative people and a joy to visit with.  I believe that we have benefited as much from them as they have from us.

Bowie to Nebraska via Oklahoma

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Bud and I made a trip to Nebraska last week.  Stopped at Dale and Mary Moore’s feedlot near Gage, Oklahoma on the way.  Not sure why I didn’t take any pictures there.  Bud showed them some things about working new cattle and also helped them design a new processing area.

 Mike-Bud 72dpi

We spent an interesting couple of days with Mike Wickersham at his ranch in NW Nebraska.  Bud and Mike worked some cattle but first, they had to pull porcupine quills out of a filly’s nose.


Visit with Ian Mitchell-Ennes

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Bud and I were pleased to have a visit from Ian Mitchell-Ennes last Tuesday.  Ian is an HRM educator from South Africa.  He is in the United States putting on classes.  As you might expect, Bud and Ian hit it off right away.

Bud Eunice Ian72dpi

October 1-3 Stockmanship-Plus School

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I was complaining about the people who signed up for our September School and then didn’t show up or let me know they weren’t coming.  This time I allowed myself to be talked in to “just one more” and everyone came.  I guess that shows that I’m never satisfied. 

I’m not sure just who to blame for the fact that I forgot to take any pictures.    

  Yaremko 72dpi

Andrew and Erin Yaremko from Alberta, Canada stayed for a One-on-One after the school and I did get a picture of them.  They are a great young couple and we wish them all the best.

September 2009 Stockmanship-Plus School

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We had people from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas at this school.

142-2 72dpi

The cattle industry was well represented. . . Cow-calf producers, Stocker operators, Feedlot owners and the Dairy industry were all there.

142-4 72dpi

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