Bud Williams Stockmanship and Livestock Marketing

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Bud Williams Stockmanship
Eunice Williams
883 E 505th Road
Aldrich, MO 65601

Great School at Cheyenne

Bud & I always laugh at each other when, after we finish a school, one of us always says “This is the best group of people yet.”  That’s the way that we feel right now.

We had people from 22 states and 3 Canadian provinces attend.  Their interests included  beef, dairy, buffalo, swine, goats, feedlot, heifer development – in other words, a typical Bud Williams Stockmanship School student body.  It seems like we are getting more and more Veterinarians attending our programs.  Do you think that the industry is finally starting to believe that the emotions of the animals are something that must be taken into account if we expect them to be healthy and productive?

Cheyenne Class

We have lived in “Tornado Alley”  off and on for several years, but the only tornados I have seen were in Alberta Canada, and just last week in Cheyenne.  This picture was taken from our hotel.

Cheyenne tornado