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Join Us for the Profitable Regeneration Masterclass Series!

We (Richard and Tina) are thrilled to invite you to an extraordinary event – the Profitable Regeneration Masterclass Series Webinar, hosted by Jared Sorensen of AG Steward. Together, we will be your guides on April 25th, 2024 at 4:00 PM, Pacific, as we delve into the art of “Proper Livestock

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Upcoming Hand ‘n Hand online and in-person Schools

Online Proper Stockmanship April 12-June 12 The deadline to register for our next online Stockmanship Course is April 5. Read more about it here. Using lecture, questions/answers, and videos, we will cover— Research Benefits Pressure and Release How we Communicate with our Livestock Instincts of Humans and Livestock Predator/Prey Relationship

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Guest Speaker

I will be the guest speaker on the Profitable Regeneration Masterclass Series webinar this Thursday evening at 4 pm PST. Read more about it and sign up here: https://app.agsteward.co/williams

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Hand ‘n Hand In-Person Schools March 11-13

As always, we will be having an in-person Proper Livestock Marketing and Proper Stockmanship school March 11-13 in Bolivar, Missouri before the annual Bud Summit. Click here to read more. Hours— Marketing School: March 11, 8 am to 5 pm and March 12, 8 am to 12 noon Stockmanship School:

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Hand ‘n Hand Online Marketing Course

Our next online course will be on Proper Livestock Marketing beginning January 12. Registration is open now here. In this course we will discuss and explain the following: Know and understand yourself The only price that matters (hint, there won’t be any crystal ball involved) Know your resources (money, feed,

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Eunice Williams Interview!

Kit Pharo’s “Herd Quitter” podcast interviewed Mom; click here to listen! “Eunice Williams shares the story of how Bud, through observation, learned how animals respond to humans and developed his principles of stockmanship that are so valuable to reducing stress on animals which results in less health issues and increased

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We Like the Book

This is part of a letter I just received from Curt and Patty Epler. They ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming. (Reprinted with their permission) Hello,  I just finished our book (“Smile and Mean it”) yesterday. Picked it up and could not put it down. I laughed, cried, thought, learned and totally

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Shipping the First Marketing Book Orders!

On March 1 we came up with the idea of transcribing the Bud Williams Marketing DVD and putting it together with all the posts from the subscription website into a book. Today, June 17, we are shipping out the first books! If you have already ordered your copy, it will

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