Wally Olson Marketing Schools

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Wally has the following Marketing schools scheduled:

Read more about Wally and his school on his website here: olsonranchllc.com

Shipping the First Marketing Book Orders!

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On March 1 we came up with the idea of transcribing the Bud Williams Marketing DVD and putting it together with all the posts from the subscription website into a book.

Today, June 17, we are shipping out the first books! If you have already ordered your copy, it will ship now. If you haven’t ordered yet and want to, click here for ordering information.

Richard and Tina came over to help with the first shipping (Tina took photos and wrote this web post).

Announcing our new Book, “Proper Livestock Marketing 101”

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In the process of collecting material for a book about Mom and Dad’s life, I (Tina) realized the depth and importance of material on the subscription website written by Dad about livestock marketing. I had read them all at the time Dad wrote them, but hadn’t re-read them recently. Also, the process of reading through the posts on the website starting with the earliest ones is a little tedious (at best).

In talking with Mom and Richard, we tried to think of the best way to distribute Dad’s writings about marketing. We decided to transcribe the marketing DVD for the introduction to Dad’s marketing techniques and then include almost all of the posts from the website on the topic of marketing in a form that’s much easier to read and digest. You can even make notes on the margins!

The name we chose for the book, “Proper Livestock Marketing,” is taken from Dad’s repeated reference to the word “proper” to describe his marketing thought process just as he used it to describe his stockmanship.

Along with the 340 page, spiral bound book, buyers will receive a thumb drive with all the livestock marketing excel files Richard and I have developed along with access to the Hand ‘n Hand website for updates and videos explaining their use (a $225 value!). We have also designed and included some paper worksheets for those who want or need to do the work by hand.

Lifetime access to the stockmanship.com/subscription website will also come with the book.


The price of the book is $400 U.S. which includes postage to U.S. locations. For orders to Canada and Australia, please include an additional $25 U.S. For other locations, call or email.

However, if you previously bought the Bud Williams Marketing DVD from Bud & Eunice, you qualify for the discounted price of $200 U.S. (same postage as above).

Or, if you attended one of Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions’ Marketing Schools or bought the excel files, you qualify for the even more discounted price of $100 U.S. (same postage as above). The reason for this price difference is that the Hand ‘n Hand students already have access to the excel files.

All discounts expire on December 31, 2019! 

To order your book

If you have a question about whether you qualify for one of these discounts, please email or call Eunice before sending your check (eunice@stockmanship.com or 417-719-4910). We will only be issuing the discount to the exact qualifying person in our database.

We must collect 8.1% sales tax if we ship to a Missouri address.

Mail a check in U.S. funds made out to “Bud Williams Stockmanship” for the price (plus shipping or sales tax if applicable) along with your mailing address, phone number, and email address to:

Eunice Williams
1519 E Erie St, Apt #206
Springfield, MO 65804

We are shipping books now!

Time to Write the Book!

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[Note from Tina] Mom, Richard, and I have been talking about writing the book about Mom and Dad’s life for a long time now. Finally, we realized that, if we don’t start on it and really put some focus into it, it just won’t happen. Therefore, we have decided to not teach ANY Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions schools in 2019 (except the 3 day Marketing and Stockmanship School in February just before the 2019 Bud Summit) so we can focus on collecting the information and writing the book.

Watch for notice that the book is ready to order!

The Bud & Eunice Williams Book

Photos from Eureka, CA Marketing and Stockmanship School

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Richard and I were so happy to have Mom join us for our recent trip to California to put on a Marketing and Stockmanship school in Eureka. Mom, Dad and I lived in that area for my life before I left for college, and it was great to visit some places we had lived and visit with folks we had known back then. Here are the two group pictures, and click here for more photos from the school and our trip.

–Tina Williams

I Recommend Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions

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I’m happy to recommend the Stockmanship and Marketing schools Tina, our daughter, and her husband, Richard McConnell are now putting on.

Visit their webpage at Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions

Information From Our Videos

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From a friend in Iowa:    We have just recently gotten back into some calves and so far things are going well. We’ve been watching Yours and Buds video a lot lately and it never ceases to amaze us of the new things that we pick up on each time we watch the same video. Truly astounding that one can just over look things that they perceive as not pertaining to them. There is just so much information in there and each time we watch we are at a different level of learning and doing different things at the time. You both just keep on helping us, what awesome friends you have been.

I have often told people “You can watch our videos ten times and pick up new and valuable information each time you view them.”  Eunice – Springfield, MO

Opportunities in the Drought

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Comment: . . . .we’re dry but cattle are doing amazingly well! Here’s some of the best numbers I have ran in a while. Sold 750# yrlng steers $1.38 – $1035hd Bought 688# steer and bull calves $1.255 – $863 cost of gain plus a dime profit – $1.06!

That’s $112 profit in 40 days in the worse drought with the highest feed cost ever!  I’m so glad you taught me to look for opportunity instead of complaining about stuff I have no control over.

Marketing Interest from South Africa

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Question: . . . . I live in South Africa and heard on a number of occasions about Bud’s work on livestock marketing.

Some questions from my side:

  1. I see I can buy some of your DVD’s, but how do I pay for it if you don’t have a credit card facility?
  2. Will the livestock marketing DVD be enough to start buying and selling livestock or will I need more training?
  3. What is the difference or similarities between Bud’s work and the ideas of the KLR marketing school?

 Answer:    We have never seen one of KLR’s Marketing schools, but hopefully there is no difference between Bud’s work and the Ideas of the KLR Marketing School. Rod Knight, Jim Lindsay and Grahame Rees learned from Bud and have our blessing to teach his methods in Australia. We realize that there is some difference in livestock marketing in the two countries, but the principals are the same.

Some people have no problem learning Bud’s methods (SELL-buy Marketing, not BUY-sell) from just the DVDs, but for the people who have questions we have a Subscription Section to our website where, for $300 per year, Bud is available to answer unlimited e-mail questions. These Q & A’s (as well as other articles that Bud writes) are posted on the site anonymously for all subscribers to view. As of this date there are over 800 different postings on the site.

We don’t plan on charging for the website after April of 2013.  Anyone who is a subscriber at that time will continue to have access as long and Bud and I are physically able to keep the site going.

You can send payment via Western Union. Go to www.westernunion.com for a location for a local office or to take care of the transaction online with your credit card. You would then send me the “number” and I can use this to collect the money at our local Western Union location.

“Farming is So Fun!”

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Hi Bud and Eunice. I have been wanting to talk to you for a while but I thought I would wait and see how things shook out for us.

This has been an exciting winter. Everyone wants to talk about cows, I want to talk about feed. We have been working hard at saving our feed for the winter months to make it possible for us to carry dry bred cows if the opportunity presented itself. People were sick about seeing all the grass going to waste, and even asking if they could use it if we weren’t going to. We just told them we were letting it recover and the cows would eat it this winter. We picked up 80 or so bred cows this winter for $950, and put them out on that wasted grass. We had no idea our neighbors kept such good track of us until one said, (more…)

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