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Marketing and Stockmanship Schools in Weatherford, TX Oct 21-24

Richard and Tina of Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions will be putting on a two-day Proper Livestock Marketing School October 21-22, and Dawn Hnatow of Cattle Up Stockmanship will be putting on an Introductory Stockmanship School October 23-24 in Weatherford, TX. Read about Richard and Tina’s school here. Read about

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Wally Olson Marketing Schools

Wally’s next Marketing Schools will be: January 12-15, 2021 in Claremore, OK. Click here for more information and here for the registration form. February 23-26, 2021 in Claremore, OK. Click here for more information and here for the registration form. Click on his “School Outline” page for additional school outline

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We Like the Book

This is part of a letter I just received from Curt and Patty Epler. They ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming. (Reprinted with their permission) Hello,  I just finished our book (“Smile and Mean it”) yesterday. Picked it up and could not put it down. I laughed, cried, thought, learned and totally

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“Proper Livestock Marketing 101”

In the process of collecting material for a book about Mom and Dad’s life, I (Tina) realized the depth and importance of material on the subscription website written by Dad about livestock marketing. I had read them all at the time Dad wrote them, but hadn’t re-read them recently. Also,

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Shipping the First Marketing Book Orders!

On March 1 we came up with the idea of transcribing the Bud Williams Marketing DVD and putting it together with all the posts from the subscription website into a book. Today, June 17, we are shipping out the first books! If you have already ordered your copy, it will

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Information From Our Videos

From a friend in Iowa:    We have just recently gotten back into some calves and so far things are going well. We’ve been watching Yours and Buds video a lot lately and it never ceases to amaze us of the new things that we pick up on each time we

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Opportunities in the Drought

Comment: . . . .we’re dry but cattle are doing amazingly well! Here’s some of the best numbers I have ran in a while. Sold 750# yrlng steers $1.38 – $1035hd Bought 688# steer and bull calves $1.255 – $863 cost of gain plus a dime profit – $1.06! That’s

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