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School #145 was a Great Success

Bud and I just completed a 2-day Stockmanship School plus a 3rd day for whatever anyone wanted to talk about.  As usual, we had a terrific group of people and are very pleased  with the number of young folks attending.  I think the livestock industry of the future is in good hands.

17 states, 3 Canadian Provinces, Mexico, Venezuela, and Holland were represented.

We’re also happy to note the number of veterinarians who are buying into Bud’s concepts.  Dr. Paul Rapnicki of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine presented us with this plaque.

Dr. Rapnicki has been to several schools and has sent us many videos to critique.  It has been a pleasure to note the improvements in his students from one video to the next.

Below are the two veterinarians from Holland

Joep Driessen and Jan Hulsen