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Bud Williams Marketing School

Question:     I am trying to find information on the Bud Williams Marketing School. Is Cornerstone Cattle Marketing the course now?

Answer:     I’m afraid that I’m not going to be much help. Allan Nation (editor of Stockman Grass Farmer) talked Bud into putting on a Marketing School in 2002.  These schools proved to be very popular but at our age they were not something that we wanted to continue doing.  We agreed to teach Ann Barnhardt Bud’s methods and to allow her to use Bud’s name in her advertising.  From November 2005 until the Spring of 2010 we were happy to recommend her schools since we knew the material that she was teaching.  For some reason Ann got very upset with us this spring and has taken Bud’s name off of her schools.  We don’t know what else she has changed in her curriculum so we are hesitant to recommend it.

Comment:     Thanks for the information. I am very sad to hear what happened with the marketing program. Most of the times I have seen something like this it is always the same story. The person that learned the method to teach starts out explaining to everyone about how they actually knew nothing about what they are teaching, but were just fortunate enough to learn from the expert, and how they are honored to just have the opportunity to help spread the information. Somehow within a few years they tend to forget where it came from and the fact they really know nothing more than what they were taught in order to teach. The worst part is they forget the fact they are not true experts in the field, and all they have ever done was teach the information. They tend to start finding things they think are flaws in the program. They go into a revision process correcting things when they just don’t know enough about the subject to really understand. The final product tends to become a watered down mess.