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Cattle in Sweden

Excerpts from a letter from Jim Lindsay, our friend who teaches Low Stress Stock Handling in Australia.  He is talking about his trip to Sweden.

. . . . . I was there for about 8 days and helped some workers on one farm for about 6 days. They wanted me to show them how to milk 15 year old cows that had never been milked before. I got it started for them as well as showing how to wean, load on trailers out in the field, work animals out in the field that had been very spoilt and tricked all their lives with feed to get them on the trailer. They are some of the most difficult cows to unravel that I have come across, however I was able to show how to get them back to normal again. You can Imagine how screwed up they were after often being tricked into feeder head bails, then they put gates around them to load them. I then did some talks for some groups for a couple of hours just to create awareness…..things are not good on a lot of issues over in Europe, however like everywhere there are always some very good farmers and I did chance to meet a couple.