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“Smile and Mean it” Books Shipping Now!

We finished editing, ordered a final test book, approved it, ordered 120 books, and they have arrived!!

Tina and Richard came over, and we mailed out the pre-orders and books to my grandkids. Now I’m sending out orders as soon as I receive them.

Since many of us are “sheltering in place,” here’s something for you to read!

Lots of books to send your way!
I will sign each book!
Books, labels, envelopes, and tape all ready to get books ready to ship.

The first pre-orders all ready for the postal person to pick up!

Dolly says, “Here’s your books folks!”

Click here for ordering information.

If you’d like to order a Smile and Mean it shirt (see example right), check out my granddaughter’s website here!

Note from Tina: I wear mine every shopping trip (about once every week or week and a half) and point it out at every transaction to encourage folks to “Smile and Mean it!”

And, as you go about your day during these challenging times, remember to Smile and Mean it!