Changes to Subscription Website Access

Posted September 29th, 2015 — Filed in Subscription Site Information

If you are a website subscriber, you might have noticed that the website access has changed due to hackers trying to break into our site.

In order to secure the site, you will need an additional username/password to access the site. I emailed everyone the new access information, however, if your email bounces or gets lost in spam-land and you didn’t get it, just email me at, and I’ll explain the new access information.

And, to add insult to injury, sometimes you will need to enter the first set of username/password team two, three, or four times! The same info, correct, each time. We don’t know why this is happening, but we just know it does (just sometimes, go figure!). Anyway, in order to help with some of this confusion, Here’s what the first screen for the first set of username/password I emailed you will look like in three PC browsers. These will be pop-up windows, not showing in the regular browser window.

Then, after the browser thinks you have typed and re-typed that information enough, it will close that pop-up window and take you to this web page. Here is where you will enter the second username/password combination which is unique to you. This should look pretty much the same in all browsers.

Sorry for this inconvenience, but I guess these things just happen in today’s world of hackers trying to get their hands on anything of value!

— Eunice

Subscription Website

Posted December 27th, 2012 — Filed in Subscription Site Information

July 1, 2009 Bud and I started our Subscription Website.  For $300 per year Bud would answer any questions on Marketing or Livestock Handling as well as writing articles that would be of interest to our subscribers. These Q & A’s were posted in the website.   Since Bud has passed away we are no longer charging an annual fee.  Anyone who was “paid-up” on January 1, 2013 will continue to have access to the site and I will answer any questions that I can.

In the summer of 2012 we sponsored a “Bud Summit.”  This meeting was only for subscribers to the website and their guests.  Tina, our daughter and webmaster audio-taped the session.  These audio clips are on the website.  The clips I posted starting on September 1, 2012 were the complete two-and-a-half-hour talk that Bud gave on “Weaning and/or Receiving New Cattle.”  Many people have told me that this information alone was worth the $300 annual fee.

For a one-time fee of $200 you can have access to the  1,000 plus  postings on the site.  I plan to keep this site open to you for many years

Send your check for $200 along with your e-mail address to me and I will  e-mail  you information on how to access the website.


Another Reason for You to Consider Joining Us on the Subscription Section of Our Web Site

Posted August 7th, 2012 — Filed in Subscription Site Information

Bud Summit :   Bud and I hosted a gathering for subscribers to our website at Coffeyville, Kansas July 13-14, 2012 .  I’ve posted several audio clips from this meeting to the Subscription site and will continue to post more in the next month or so.  If you listen to them you will quickly find out how much fun everyone had as well as getting their questions answered and learning a lot about Marketing and Stockmanship.

As a subscriber you will be invited to attend Bud Summits that we plan to hold in the future.  The only cost for these meetings is for the catered lunch.

Click Here to listen to a sample of the Bud Summit audio clips on the Subscription section of our website.

Subscription Website

Posted April 12th, 2012 — Filed in Subscription Site Information

We’ve received a lot of “OH, NO!” messages from my notice that we plan to close the Subscription Website next year.

Actually, we won’t be closing the website, we just won’t charge for it after April 30, 2013. Bud feels obligated to post something to the site pretty often. If we aren’t charging he won’t feel that he has to write unless something comes up that he feels is important. Also, it’s inevitable that at some point we won’t be able to keep it up, then we’d  have the bookkeeping chore of figuring and refunding the pre-paid part of the subscriptions. People who are paid-up at the time of the closing will continue to have access. I haven’t decided how to handle new people who want to connect after April 2013, maybe charge them a flat fee.  Since we leave all of the past postings up, a new person will have access to a lot of good stuff and Bud will still answer your questions.

Subscription Website Will End April 30, 2013

Posted March 23rd, 2012 — Filed in Subscription Site Information

You have one more year to take advantage of  Bud Williams’ knowledge of Stockmanship and Livestock Marketing concepts via our subscription website.

In July of 2009 Bud and I decided to add a subscription section to our website.  As well as having access to Bud’s thoughts on Stockmanship and Livestock Marketing, subscribers have unlimited access to correspond with Bud by e-mail.  If these questions and answers are of general interest they are posted to the site.  At this time (March 2012) there are over 800 items available.

Our $300.00 per year fee will be prorated so that all subscriptions will end April 2013.

About Subscription Website

Posted September 19th, 2009 — Filed in Subscription Site Information

Bud and I have decided to expand our website to include a “Subscription” section.

Bud has often decided against posting something to this site because it could be confusing to people who are not familiar with his Stockmanship or Marketing concepts. These musings, along with other more detailed information for folks who have attended a stockmanship and/or marketing school, are now posted to our new “Subscription” area.

Along with Bud’s comments on timely subjects, subscribers will be offered the opportunity to ask Bud questions. You will receive a personal e-mail answer and, if it is of general interest, we will post the Q & A to our site. No names will be used. Your comments will be welcomed, too.

If you wish to subscribe for one year, please send your check for $300.00 to me along with your Name,  Address,  Phone number and e-mail address.