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Subscription Website

We’ve received a lot of “OH, NO!” messages from my notice that we plan to close the Subscription Website next year.

Actually, we won’t be closing the website, we just won’t charge for it after April 30, 2013. Bud feels obligated to post something to the site pretty often. If we aren’t charging he won’t feel that he has to write unless something comes up that he feels is important. Also, it’s inevitable that at some point we won’t be able to keep it up, then we’d  have the bookkeeping chore of figuring and refunding the pre-paid part of the subscriptions. People who are paid-up at the time of the closing will continue to have access. I haven’t decided how to handle new people who want to connect after April 2013, maybe charge them a flat fee.  Since we leave all of the past postings up, a new person will have access to a lot of good stuff and Bud will still answer your questions.