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About Subscription Website

Bud and I have decided to expand our website to include a “Subscription” section.

Bud has often decided against posting something to this site because it could be confusing to people who are not familiar with his Stockmanship or Marketing concepts. These musings, along with other more detailed information for folks who have attended a stockmanship and/or marketing school, are now posted to our new “Subscription” area.

Along with Bud’s comments on timely subjects, subscribers will be offered the opportunity to ask Bud questions. You will receive a personal e-mail answer and, if it is of general interest, we will post the Q & A to our site. No names will be used. Your comments will be welcomed, too.

If you wish to subscribe for one year, please send your check for $300.00 to me along with your Name,  Address,  Phone number and e-mail address.