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Starting Calves, Good News?

Question:    We have all heard plenty of stories about the “wrecks” people have been through when starting a set of calves.  I would enjoy hearing about the good things that people are seeing when they start calves properly.  Such things as what their death loss is know, how few have to be treated, performance during the first few weeks, etc.

Answer:    The subscription website is mainly to help someone who has a problem or would like to learn more about Stockmanship or Marketing. The good news or stories are in the testimonials section. We don’t give out information about people’s death loss or performance gains unless they write to us and want it printed because we consider that personal information. When calves are started properly there will be less death loss, fewer calves to doctor and better performance,  if not then they were not started properly.  If you really want to know about the good things just think about how many people have been to our schools and how few of them are having enough problems that they need to ask for help. When things are going well they don’t have to write and tell us, we know it is alright because they do not write.  We will let people know that you would like to hear how good things are and print what they write.

In fact we just did, now we’ll see how many respond.