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Changes to Subscription Website Access

If you are a website subscriber, you might have noticed that the stockmanship.com/subscription website access has changed due to hackers trying to break into our site.

In order to secure the site, you will need an additional username/password to access the site. I emailed everyone the new access information, however, if your email bounces or gets lost in spam-land and you didn’t get it, just email me at eunice@stockmanship.com, and I’ll explain the new access information.

And, to add insult to injury, sometimes you will need to enter the first set of username/password team two, three, or four times! The same info, correct, each time. We don’t know why this is happening, but we just know it does (just sometimes, go figure!). Anyway, in order to help with some of this confusion, Here’s what the first screen for the first set of username/password I emailed you will look like in three PC browsers. These will be pop-up windows, not showing in the regular browser window.

Then, after the browser thinks you have typed and re-typed that information enough, it will close that pop-up window and take you to this web page. Here is where you will enter the second username/password combination which is unique to you. This should look pretty much the same in all browsers.

Sorry for this inconvenience, but I guess these things just happen in today’s world of hackers trying to get their hands on anything of value!

— Eunice