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Letter from Australia

G’day Bud, Here is some feedback from a couple people :

Bud, the markets are interesting right now with sheep going through the roof, cattle falling  through the floor. Yet both cattle and sheep producers are doing really well who are using the Sell/ Buy system.
A cattle example is a producer sold cows and calves on a day when the market dropped for $490(not near what he expected), he took a breath and said well there must be a good buy here as well – not long before he had PTIC (bred) cows for $200 – a good profit after Cost of Carry.
A KLR Marketer was offered some lambs this week for $60 and ewes for $61 – the producer almost pleaded with him to take them as he was running out of feed and water. The KLR Marketer knew what they were worth in the market place so he took them home gave them a drink, then it was back on the truck to the market.  24 hours after the purchase they sold for $90 – not much cost of Carry there !!
The ewes were under offer last night for $120 – who says sheep are ground lice !!!
When everyone runs out of grass and water and you have carefully managed both you are in the box seat to make profits beyond reason.