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When Eunice and I started the Marketing School and Website, we stated that we do not give advice on what trades to make or when to make them. I would like to address this a little more.

Our schools and web-site are to show people how to figure what is underpriced and overpriced and how to understand what sell/buy marketing is about. At no time do I tell people what to sell or when to sell, or what to buy or when to buy.

People have always been told to use all of their costs plus a profit when they are figuring. At no time should a person use less than their total costs. That’s why we try to show how to even get full value for each different cost.

It’s always a shame that a person has to be so careful about everything we say or do, but since it is that way, we don’t give advice and have not given advice on what people should sell or buy.

I have, and will, post many things as we go along but they are only what can be done, not what should be done. It is up to each person to do their own figuring. The figuring that I do is just for an example, and how to figure what is overpriced and what is underpriced.