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What Happened and Why

The purpose of this website is not to complain about the government or about how difficult things are. The government is what it is and if enough people don’t like it they can vote it out. Things are not difficult. It is so much better and easier than the past there is no comparison. What is good is to understand what happened and why. This may not change the world but it can help each individual person to have a better attitude about themselves, their business and their community.

Success is really if you feel good about what you do and are happy. There are many rich people who are unhappy.  That is not being successful in life, it may be a success in business but that is the least important part of true success.                                                             

In the distant past communities worked together and they helped each other. This was very necessary because they needed each other’s help. If they wanted to build a road, bridge, school, or anything they all had to get together and build it or it would not be done. Then, as the people started to “prosper” they elected people to govern them. Now if they needed a road, bridge, school, or anything they could get the government to build it. This allowed the people to pay taxes and have someone else get things done. Now it was not necessary for people to work together or have them work for a common goal. This allowed people to want more and more and the elected officials, not to be left out, as there were also things that they wanted.

Then someone that was really smart decided that the government could just borrow the money to build these things that people wanted. This was really great, now it would be possible to have anything we wanted. All that had to be done was to elect the people that would give us all these things. That’s where we are now. That shows what we can accomplish, good or bad, if enough work at doing something.
What we should be concerned with, is what opportunities there are for us to take advantage of, not “how good or bad” other people are saying it is. 

When we constantly hear how bad things are and how difficult things are, this has a very negative effect on people. Eunice and I spent 7 months in the Aleutian Islands. We had no radio, telephone, or newspaper so we didn’t hear how bad it was every day. That was the most peaceful period of our life, everything was positive. When we came back to radio, telephone, and newspaper we had not missed anything. The world was still all in one piece and the end of the world was still just over the next hill.