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I’ve been going to write for awhile and wondering how you folks are doing. Perhaps you’d like an update too.

The Canadian pork industry has been losing money for close to two years so when folks have to choose between training and feed bills. . . .
I spent most of last year working with three packing plants in Ontario. I also did some courses for a trucking Co. in Manitoba. They were enthused with what they got and adamant they needed the video and material there so they could train new drivers as they started and other drivers as they were available. I’ve done three courses for them now and ended up with mostly admin people and office staff because the trucks were rolling. We could see their point about having access to the information all the time but couldn’t see handing anything over for someone else to deliver. So, since the first of the year we’ve been working on a trucker’s course for delivery online that people can get at  24-7. I would prefer to teach face to face but that isn’t happening and if online gets it out where truckers can get at it, that’s the main thing. . . .

Going through the trucking video has been fascinating. I keep seeing things for the first time then wondering how I could have possibly missed “that” before. Video where I was flustered and screwing up has turned from a source of embarrassment to an asset because it shows the very things other people struggle with and need help with.

I still want to take you up on your invitation to load up a bunch of tapes and come spend some time with you folks, and I hope the opportunity comes sooner rather than later.