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 We live in a great country and had a form of government that was very good.  A government that gave the people a lot of freedom. While most people want freedom very few really understand or appreciate it.  Freedom gives people the opportunity to be as great as they want to be and to accomplish many things.
Freedom also allows people to be as stupid as they want to be. Freedom requires a certain amount of work and intelligence to keep the freedom we have. When people are free to do what they want not all want to work to keep that freedom. Instead of working to overcome a problem they want the government to help.  When the government does help, which it is glad to do, that’s when we give up some of the freedom. The government never does anything free.  It has two costs, one it charges the taxpayers and then it also takes away some freedom. When it charges the taxpayers it charges much more than it would cost the taxpayers to do it themselves. Then it takes away some freedom by passing laws that they say, will keep this from happening again in the future.  Of course, it doesn’t, it just takes away more freedom.

In order to have a government that will do everything for us, and do it for free, the worst people possible have to be elected. When this kind of person keeps getting elected they keep putting people that will help us (for free) into positions of power. These are the most dangerous, they all have an agenda and very little helpful knowledge. They spend their time pushing their agenda and very little time helping. In order to push their agenda they have to take away more and more freedom and they are not very nice about it, nor do they care who they hurt or how many.

The more they hurt, the more they get to help.  That just means more power for them.