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Starting Out

Question: . . . I am a fan of following your website. I am going to ask a bold question and maybe you can or can’t answer it but in your opinion for someone wanting to start out ranching what is the best way to get started. I want to ranch so bad I can taste it but I keep running into road blocks. It seems so difficult with all the expenses. This is probably a bad question but I have to ask as you guys have been so successful in the cattle industry. Any advice is appreciated.

Answer:  Actually this is not a bad question, in fact there are very few bad question, there are many bad answers. One of the best ways to learn is by asking questions.  This will or should get you to the point where you know what questions to ask, then the learning can start.  Road blocks are only a state of mind, why can’t they just be learning experiences? Things that happen are just what they are not good not bad – just what they are.

“It seems so difficult with all the expenses” What are the expenses?  There are only expenses after we get into ranching and we have control of that. It is not possible to start many businesses with out there being some expenses.

With the e-mail I get no information just what you want and the perceived problems.  Getting into any business there will be some obstacles, that means that we must have a positive attitude about things and know or learn how to overcome or live with these obstacles. The most successful way to get into anything is to first learn what YOU know about it and what YOU can do that will make the business successful.  How much experience do you have, how much knowledge do you have about what you want to do?  It will be your knowledge that will allow this to work not all of the things that makes it difficult.

Most people think that to get into ranching they need lots of money and a place where they can make lots of money. It is usually wise to start with what you can afford and build on that. There are all kinds of opportunities to start small and work at whatever until the ranch operation is big enough to support you and what you would like to do.

The best way to answer your question is to say “Think positive, understand that the negative things are just something to learn how to overcome, then think big, with actions that are small.

Eunice’s 2-cents worth: Along this line, here is part of a letter that we just received from Grahame Rees,  the “R” in KLR Marketing who is teaching Bud’s marketing concepts in Australia.

“. . . . started with 4 head, borrowed $10,000.  18 months later has turned over 200 this year and paid back her $10,000.

. . . . started with 10 head 12 months ago no money down and has 100 head.
Plus to expand she applied to her agent to borrow $100,000 to expand.  He told her the money is interest free as she is making him more commission than he can bear.

. . .  told me he does not know of a beef breeder in Queensland that made money last year.”

Did you notice that both of these are women?  Do you suppose there is a difference in how young men and young women look at “Starting a Business?”