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How well do we treat the things we eat?

For many years we have been told how bad the animals that we eat are treated. They are kept in pens or fenced fields and all the things that are done to them. We are told that everyone should be vegetarians and this would stop all of the mistreatment of animals.   Which, like every other statement like this that is said or written with no thought to what they are saying, as there is a lot more to consider than someone’s personal agenda.

First thing, if no animals were killed for food what would happen to them? They would not just cease to exist and they would keep on increasing in numbers. Look at the wild horse herds that are being “protected.” There are some real problems and they are not living an idyllic and problem free life. Most ranch horses live a better and happier life.

This is not really about animals it is just something I saw that was in response to people eating animals and how cruel it was.

“Oh, have you seen how they treat carrots that are grown on these farms?
They are grown in dirty farm lots, yes real dirty, no shade or any kind of protection. They are force fed fertilizer (this could even be animal waste) that makes them grow even if they don’t like it. Then, just when they reach their teens, they are ripped out, not allowed to have a full and enjoyable life, and left to die in old wooden crates (not even new ones). Their fine root system slowly shrinks as they scream for water, but no one hears as they have no mouth and the sounds are muted, but their suffering is still there. Therefore, I will be their voice.

You Barbarians! “