Cut Costs, Break-Even, Is That Information Helpful?

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Almost everything that I read recently is about how difficult things are now and that we must cut costs. For the last fifty years they have been writing that ranching is difficult and we must cut costs. If people had been doing what they were told there should be no costs by now. After awhile it should be obvious that the advice they are giving is not that good or things would not always be so difficult. 

For all of these years they also talked about breakeven.  If our goal is to breakeven then any business will be difficult.  When will the livestock business realize that there must be a profit (more…)

Managers – via 1988 Wall Street Journal

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After reading my musing “Animal Health Care in Crisis” (posted 9/5/09) a subscriber sent me a copy of an article he had from the Wall Street Journal.  He said it was from 1988 or 89.  It pretty well explains why we keep doctoring and growing the “ livestock health crisis” instead of working on ways to prevent it.  I will not copy all of the article but I will be careful to not change the meaning. (more…)

Thanks, Folks

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Eunice and I would like to thank everyone for the nice messages saying how much our stockmanship concepts have helped them.   Good stockmanship is great for the animals and the people, the learning curve is slow and gradual. It is a shame there will be no help from the Livestock Industry or the Universities, they have no interest in better stockmanship.   Of course, that may be a good thing. It was our “best” Universities that taught the people who have almost ruined our entire financial system and educated most of our government officials.  With that recommendation maybe it is best if they leave the stockmanship alone.

Conservative Lending Climate. . .

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“What will a more conservative lending climate mean to borrowers?  This is a question that is being asked or at least talked about. How will people handle anything that is conservative? The 1929 market crash that started the great depression was caused because of borrowing that was not very conservative.  How did people handle that?  They learned to save and pay for what they bought.  It was very difficult to borrow money for the next twenty years after 1929. People adjusted and did quite well though it did take a few years to get back to normal. That depression was caused mainly by excesses in the stock market.”

This minor problems we have today was caused by excessive borrowing in almost every part, from the government to the individual. The question really should be “Will we even try to go to more conservative borrowing or are we so addicted to borrowing now that it isn’t even possible to be conservative?

Since we have no control over what other people do then we might try using what worked after 1929. That is to save and learn how to live without borrowing.  It worked then and will work today. Try it, you may like not having payments to make and to actually own what you have.

Farmers and Ranchers are Getting Older

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I was reading that the average age of farmers and ranchers is getting older. This is not or at least should not, be surprising since people are just living longer and the work is easier. It was also mainly that only the old can afford to farm or ranch. Everything from technology, equipment, to land is so expensive that it encourages farm or ranch consolidation which drives up prices even more. Few young people can raise the capital to start a competitive (more…)

I Agree

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Bud and Eunice, I am mailing a copy of your thoughts regarding large animal vets to John Thomson, Dean of Iowa State University Vet School.  The principle is much the same as an article in the Wall Street Journal about General Motors and training managers about 20 years  ago.  It basically stated GM was wasting lots of money training at schools etc and just needed to find the best they had within the company and let them train the brightest young employees in the company instead of spending $millions on schools and Management games.

"Animal Health Care in Crisis"

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The September 2009 Progressive Farmer magazine has an article titled
“A JOB NO ONE WANTS Animal health care is in crisis and there aren’t enough large-animal vets to go around.”

Here are my thoughts on this health care “crisis”

The solution to the “crisis” is not more large-animal veterinarians.  The solution would be for people to learn how to work their animals better. It is always strange how we try to solve problems with more of what causes them. While it certainly was not vets that caused the “crisis”, it was the thinking that drugs could take the place of people working the animals properly that has caused, and will perpetuate it as long as we think that way.   (more…)

4 Seasons

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Economics for an individual, business, industry or government is much like the seasons of the year. In the Spring or at the start, we are all excited.  We work hard, earn money, save money, everything is good. Then it is harvest time or Summer.  We have all of this money we have been working so hard for and now we need some time for recreation. That means spending money to play, we’re not saving now.  Playing means less time to work, so we’re earning less but every thing is great and we are really having fun. Then Fall rolls around.  We are having so much fun except now we are out of money.  That doesn’t matter, we can borrow more money and keep having fun and work even less. Then Winter. . . That cold hard time when they will loan us no more money and even expect what has been borrowed to be paid back.  This is when it is the worst it has ever been and we just can’t wait for Spring when it will be exciting to go back to work, work hard, earn money, save money, and have everything be good again.

Of course it would have been possible to stay in Spring all of the time. There is something about people that seem to prefer to have the four seasons, even long hard winters sometimes.

Learning in Tough Times

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If you are a person who likes to learn or needs to learn, these last two years should have been wonderful.  The next two years may be even better.  We can’t change the world but we can learn how to live and do business in it better.

We are going through a time period now that has a chance to educate a lot of people. Maybe that should be, a chance to relearn some things that have been forgotten or ignored. People go to a University and pay a lot (more…)

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The purpose of this website is not to complain about the government or about how difficult things are. The government is what it is and if enough people don’t like it they can vote it out. Things are not difficult.  It is so much better and easier than the past there is no comparison. What is good is to understand what happened and why. This may not change the world but it can help each individual person to have a better attitude about themselves, their business and their community.

Success is really if you feel good about what you do and are happy. There are many rich people who are unhappy.  That is not being successful in life, it may be a success in business but (more…)

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