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Hate and Happiness

Are people forgetting how to be happy or have they already forgotten? There is all this talk about how bad things are. Nobody seems to realize that the homeless live better today than many people did during the 1930 to 1940 period. During that time very few complained at all. Now, very few stop complaining. During my life we have had a president every year. Some were not very good, and the others were worse, but they were elected by the people so they must have been what the people thought they wanted.

Seventy years ago, about half of the people liked the president and about that many disliked the president. Things have changed, now about 50% like the president and the rest hate the president no matter who it is. This is not good for anybody. A president or congress does not ruin things. If anything is ruined, it is the people who elect them who are to blame.

Politicians have learned how to use this hate to get elected. When politicians are elected because of hate, they will only make things worse. This will give you more things to hate and that will keep getting them elected. It is the people’s job to fix things not the government’s. If people would quit hating the elected officials and spend their time fixing and keeping things working, then the elected would have nothing to do, which is what they do best.

We should not hate the president or other elected officials. If you don’t like what they are doing just vote them out. Hate is not the answer, in fact it may be the biggest part of a problem. Dictators use hate and fear to get power, keep power, and control people. Politicians have learned how effective it is to use hate and fear to get elected. If people would just realize how good things are and work to make things better, then things would get even better.

Today anyone who wants to work can get a job. It may not be just what they want, but there is a job for everyone. If a person loses their job, the unemployment check for one week is more than what a person made during the depression in a year. There is a government program to give help for almost anything that could happen to a person. Still, people want more. There is no end to what they want, and someday they will learn the government cannot provide everything people can want. That’s when people may actually have something to start complaining about.

Seventy years ago, we had a great school system, as the parents were in charge. Then the parents started letting other people be in charge. These new people would tell the parents the school had to be consolidated with other schools because only the bigger school would have the resources to properly educate the students. This was completely wrong, because the student was taught better with less cost in the one room school than they are now in their very expensive palaces. They used fear to take over and make a great school system very average. The cost to operate these experimental institutions that fear or hate built is very expensive. The people in charge seem to know less than the students who are there to learn.

In Dallas the school system had a $60 or $80 million dollar mistake in the accounting department and didn’t catch it until they were running out of money. I said $60 or $80 because that was about as close as they could get to what it really was. When the parents were paying the bills, this would have never happened. In fact, if Eunice was in charge, it would not be off 60 cents. With all of this it does no good to just complain. Get involved and fix things, or spend your time working so you can make enough money to keep this free stuff available to more people. Then you might start to realize just how much “free things from the government” really cost. We should realize how good things are, work to fix the things we don’t like, quit complaining, and be happy.

Then you can really Smile and Mean it.