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My Marketing Philosophy

I was just asked what influenced or what helped me develop the marketing philosophy that I practice. At the schools I try to tell stories that can help people understand better what is being explained.  These stories are all true  but people don’t always remember them exactly the way they were told.  That’s the way life is, we don’t always remember things exactly the way they are told.

Here are the things that probably helped me the most. I learned to work hard, do a good job, help other people, and enjoy every minute of it. My dad was a big influence on my life but I didn’t realize how important many of the things that he told me were until many years after his death.

Many of the things he said while I was growing up really helped me in putting the marketing concept together and to improve it by helping me answer questions better. In fact, I still remember things that he said and did that help me today with things that are happening now.

  • My dad did not think we should borrow money on anything that did not pay the monthly payments that it incurred.
  • That you don’t buy anything unless something was sold. At that time this was necessary since that was the only way to have money to buy.
  • Only invest an amount of money in something that’s equal to the amount of knowledge you have about it.
  • Have a price on everything you own and be willing to sell at any time. Also be willing to buy if the price is right. Then people would come to buy and would contact you when they had things to sell. In those days we had no telephone so it was important to know they would make the effort to contact you when they wanted to buy or sell.
  • We were taught money management at a very young age from the age of 6 till we left home.
  • We learned to stay out of debt.  It may take longer to get something but when you do it will be yours and it will cost far less to own it. In fact, you may find that the object isn’t even necessary and decide not   to buy it.  That’s a big saving.
  • We learned the value of saving instead of spending just because we have money to spend.
  • We learned to keep track of how much you have and how much will be needed and make sure you have more than that amount.
  • Have the money to spend before you spend it.  Don’t spend money hoping to make money.
  • Know the value of money.  Most things cost you to keep them or even lose value as you keep them. Money keeps it’s value and can even increase it’s value by getting interest.

These are just some of the things, but when you put them all together, then the marketing concept was what emerged.

There are some other things that really helped me. One was when I realized that for me, the best thing to have was knowledge. My dad had always said that a person could not be happy working for someone that knew less about the job than they did. So I tried very hard to get good enough that it would not be possible to be happy working for anyone. What I mean is that it is hard to learn much if you’re working for someone who knows less. It’s much better, if you want to learn, to work for someone who is more knowledgeable or work on your own to learn.