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Eunice Williams
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The Round Rocks


The Round Rocks (above) are my most valuable (and only) collection. They came about while I was trying to teach people to work cattle. Most people, when working livestock are looking at the wrong things or not looking at all. While trying to get people to quit looking at the ground and watch the animals, they would say that they had to see where they were going or they might fall down. I would say “If you open your eyes and see everything instead of focusing on individual things, you will be able to see what all of the animals are doing and still be able to see the ground well enough to be able to tell that this rock is round,” as I reached down to pick it up. I did this many times, therefore, my “Round Rock Collection.” I haven’t wanted other people to see the rocks. Since their value is so high, I was afraid someone might want to buy them, but I finally realized that it was important for the world to see them. I will probably donate them to some big museum someday.