Bud Williams Stockmanship and Livestock Marketing

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Bud Williams Stockmanship
Eunice Williams
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Feedback from Orange and Brisbane (Australia) Marketing schools

Jim Lindsay, Rod Knight and Grahame Rees of KLR Marketing in Australia trained with Bud last year and now hold marketing schools in Australia.

Following are comments from each of these men and their wives about Bud Williams marketing:

Our business has experienced two major breakthroughs in the past ten years, the first was the Grazing For Profit school and the Executive Link program delivered by RCS. The second is the Bud Williams marketing strategies, which is giving us control over the profit we make from the marketing of our livestock. —Jim & Terry Lindsay

Bud William’s Stockhandling school created for us the most exciting breakthrough in the way we handle animals. Bud’s brilliant marketing strategies are even more exciting as they can lead to increased cashflow and profit, two words missing in our industry. —Grahame & Ros Rees

Having traded stock over many years I was very aware that we were just flying by the seat of our pants. Trying to anticipate market direction was keeping us out of the market and missing great trading opportunities. By adopting Bud’s techniques we can trade with confidence, knowing we can profit regardless of market direction. —Rod & Isobel Knight

Following are comments from attendees at their first two marketing schools:

First of all let me reiterate my congratulations for a terrific couple of days at Orange last week. It was a breakthrough occasion for our business, and I dare say I was not the only one. Everyone I talked to during the breaks was enjoying it thoroughly, too. Some of the ideas you presented were already known to me, and it was great to hear them presented freshly like that, in a new context. Other ideas were completely new. I realise that some very cluey traders I have observed over the years have probably been doing sell-buy trading, but intuitively rather than understanding what they were doing. Great stuff. And it was good to have a mini-refresher on Bud’s stock handling methods as well. And the video shop example – that is a perfect teaching tool. Easy to remember, with an obvious lesson in it, a perfect example. —New South Wales

Congratulations on your first (very excellent) school. It was fun to be part of it. Most importantly it will give us the edge to make a difference for ourselves. Thanks. —Queensland

I would like to thank you for a wonderful two days. I can see that the concept of trading Sell –Buy will drive our business. It is what we have been looking for, the next step! —New South Wales

Thanks very much – I really appreciated the two days listening to your presentation. The material is clear and relevant to anyone involved in a livestock or grazing operation and provides another piece to the jigsaw puzzle. I really got a lot out of it and look forward to applying what I’ve learnt. —Western Australia

A great school, with a lot of variety that kept one fresh and wanting more. I enjoyed the simple concepts that I can take away and develop at my own pace. —New South Wales

Excellent course overall. The changing perspective from the new paradigm and principles helps to explain why we continually fall into trouble when valuing our livestock and grass resources, as well as when it is profitable to sell and/ or buy. —New South Wales

This is a course for anybody in the grazing industry, no matter what the enterprise it is a MUST! —New South Wales

Thank you for a very inspiring educational experience. —New South Wales

Thank you for making me realize that we are grass producers not just animal producers and the importance of keeping our inventory in balance. —New South Wales

After completing this course I now feel empowered to work with my husband trading cattle. I understand the concepts presented and hope that the knowledge I’ve learnt will help us to run an effective and profitable business. Thank you for a great learning experience. —New South Wales

I found the marketing school as big an eye opener as the “Grazing for Profit” school. Thoughts that never existed before have been firmly implanted. Who would have thought the profit from an animal has no relationship to the price that animal was purchased for. Amazing. Thank you very much. —New South Wales

I have been trading for many years on these basic principles. What this course express’s very well is the necessity of balance between your inventory’s, rather than focusing on gross margin. —New South Wales