Bud Williams Stockmanship and Livestock Marketing

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Bud Williams Stockmanship
Eunice Williams
883 E 505th Road
Aldrich, MO 65601


We are Grass Farmers. Sometimes people get a little confused about what provides our income. It is the grass or feed that we grow. Animals are just one way to market the grass or feed.

Grass is not our enemy, animals could be. Learn to love our grass and not just the animals. We should graze to get more and better grass, not just to own more animals. The animals that we own are one way to sell our grass. They should only be used as a way to sell our grass at a profit, not just a way to eat and get rid of the grass. The more grass that we grow, the more animals we can have. If we get more animals too fast, then we will grow less grass and more weeds.

Years ago we went to a ranch in Wyoming to show people how to move their cows to better graze the pastures. The people set on their horses and talked about roping and a rodeo that was coming up. They had no interest in grass at all. It’s not much fun to chase grass, or to rope it. These people should not have a grass farm, they should have animals and buy feed for them. Then they wouldn’t ruin a good grass farm or ranch.

It is a good thing to have animals, but we should spend a lot more time on raising more and better grass. Having too many animals or grazing them wrong does more damage than any natural event such as a drought or a flood. Grass is our friend. We are selling grass, we are selling grass, we are selling grass.

We are selling grass – Smile and mean it.