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Global Warming

We have heard from all of the smart and educated people, maybe it’s time to hear from an uneducated person. The only difference is that I will admit I don’t know anything about Global Warming. Since I really know nothing about it, there are a few questions and comments I’d like to make. If it’s going to get warmer, can even one of them tell us how much warmer? If it gets warmer, will it hurt more people than it helps? Nearly everything that happens hurts some people and helps others; even disasters that hurt a lot of people do directly or indirectly help some.

They tell us it will hurt poor people the most. Of course it will. Everything that happens hurts the poor people the most; that’s why we are poor. If a poor person looses half of his assets and a rich person looses half of his assets, the poor person will be even poorer but the rich person will still be rich. The rich person’s loss will be much greater, but he will still be rich. No matter how much or how little the poor man looses, he will still be poor.

We are told what causes this warming, yet the people who are telling us use planes, trains, and cars all the time, yet they spend their time telling the poor people to stop. These people don’t have to stop because they can buy “carbon credits,” so I guess it’s OK for the rich people to buy the right to hurt our planet.

If this makes any sense to you, then we probably both need help!

No one knows how to change the climate, either to hurt or to help, which is a good thing because I don’t think anyone would want the people who are pushing the warming theory to be in control of the weather or probably anything else.

Even if it’s warm, Smile and Mean it!