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Work, is it Really That Bad?

Tt seems like everything is about doing less work, or how hard work is. Work should be satisfying and enjoyable to us, then doing less or how hard it is will not be on our mind. If our work is enjoyable, we could spend more time and learn how to do it better, then it will be less work and not nearly as hard.

If we choose to work at something, that should be because we really want to do that, more than any other job. If that is true then why would we want to get done in less time? It is good to do many things and experience new things, yet the work we choose should be the most satisfying and enjoyable. If it is not then we should find something else to do.

As we get older what we want or enjoy may change, then our work should probably also change. Your work should not take time away from what you enjoy. If it does then you are working at the wrong thing. So many people have wants and goals that conflict with what they are doing or what they have. I have one goal, that is to try to do better today than yesterday, and to want what I have. Then life is always good and work is interesting and fun.

During the years 1930 to 1950 life was much simpler. People worked very hard just to have something to eat and a roof over their head at night. There were not a lot of other things to do, and they could not afford them anyway, so the people I was around had learned how to enjoy the work they were doing. It didn’t matter how hard the job was or how long it took. They took great pride in doing a good job and doing more work than someone else. It was almost a game to do more work in a day than the person alongside them.

At our farm we did three hours chores in the morning and three hours at night. This was seven days a week. During the day there was eight hours of work or whatever it took to get the jobs done. This was six days a week and most of the time seven days. People were not complaining, they were just happy to have a job. They still would find time to go to a dance on Saturday night and just get home in time to start chores on Sunday morning. Or, they would just visit a neighbor and talk or play music and sing. In those days people enjoyed talking to each other.

Now, there are so many things to do and people have so much money and because it isn’t possible to do everything, people are unhappy with what they do. This is not because they don’t like what they are doing but because they don’t have time to do it all.

At one time we didn’t have all these things to do and didn’t have the money to even do all the things there was to do. Now, there are so many things to do and people have plenty of money, it’s the time they don’t have. So now people complain about work taking too much of their time. We lose sight of what is making the money that makes it possible to do these other things. When we enjoy our work, these other things would be taking time away from what we enjoy most, our work.

We can go do many things and come back to our work knowing this is what we really like best and do not mind the time it takes to do things right. It’s not hard work if we enjoy it. Life can be simple and work can be interesting and enjoyable, or we can want too much and life gets complicated and work gets hard.

Remember, love your work then you can Smile and Mean It .