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Time, How Important is it?

Without time we have nothing. In business making a profit is very important. Therefore time may be our most important asset. And it is quite likely the least understood. Most people are only concerned about how long it takes to do something, while taking more time might be more profitable. Now we will spend any amount of money on equipment or other improvements that we hope or think will allow us to do things faster. This does not mean it will be better or maybe even faster.

When we work with animals they do not always want it done faster or in less time. What it will cost us to save the small amount of time may be much more than what we gain. Also, because we hurry it may take longer so we save nothing, and it just cost us more. Animals like proper human contact. They do best when they stay in a normal frame of mind. They respond well to slow and steady. This will take less time.

When we move animals, their emotion is very important. If they are excited or have other emotions that are not normal, we will pay a price for this. It may be a little or a lot. Since we will not get a bill, we may never know how much it costs us, but it will cost just the same. The time we spend with animals is very important, proper time, not how much or how little. They really like human contact. But it should not get them excited or upset. If it does, then it will cost us. This cost may be large or small but will be there. If we do cause them to get excited or upset, then we should spend whatever time it takes to get them back to a normal mind set. Every time we get around our animals or have contact with them, we are teaching them something good or something bad. It is important to understand that if we are not teaching them something good, then it is costing us money. Since we do not get a bill right then, it is not understood how much the cost is. Learn to spend the right time with your animals. Not more, not less but proper time in a proper way.

If we have animals, it should be partly because we enjoy them. Then we should enjoy the time spent with them not try to be faster all the time. The animals should enjoy the time we spend with them or it will cost us. You will almost never save enough time to pay for the cost. Learn how to work better not just try to do it faster. If, or when, you actually learn how to work them better, it will be possible to get things done in less time with a better result.

Better, not just faster, then we can Smile and Mean it.