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Good News

“Romania’s Senate has ordered television and radio stations to air more ‘happy’ news, arguing that too much gloom is making people ill. According to a draft law which still needs the approval of the President, broadcasters will have to give equal time to ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ issues in their newscasts. The plan’s initiators said negative news has an ‘extraordinarily harmful and irreversible impact on health.’ The Senate approved the law unanimously. Of course, the media watch groups and the state broadcast regulator have urged the President to veto the bill.” It would sure be terrible if there were any good news reported. What is bad is that a law would be necessary to get some happy news.

This is a big problem in our country. It seems like the only thing the media will cover is negative things. We have lots of media and very little news. Almost all of the media has an agenda, and they only report what supports their agenda. Even when the media covers something positive, they always put a negative spin on it some way. That’s why it is “Media” now, not “News Media.”

We should realize that even the most negative news has some positive things about it. It seems that no matter how much one thing is hurt, something else will be helped. Some very horrible things are happening all the time. There are all kinds of disease, starvation, natural disasters, and wars killing people, but there are also some very good things happening. All the news is not bad.

During the 1936 to 1950 years we heard that there were soon going to be so many people on our planet that we could not grow enough food, and most would starve. Then they said that it was getting colder, and we were headed into an ice age. The next day it got warmer, and now we have warming. They say “global” but it is only warmer where it is not colder. There is not one person who knows for sure if it will get warmer. There is not one person who knows for sure what would cause it to get warmer if it does. And certainly there is no living person or persons who have any idea how to fix it if it did get warmer.

The way people in power keep their power is by using something that people fear or hate. The media acts like a willing accomplice to the people that they want in power or to things they personally want. This is not reporting news, it is trying to make or decide what the news should be. There are so many good things and good people, yet almost all we hear is the negative side of things.

The price of corn going up should be a good thing. When the price of corn was low, all we heard was how bad it was for the farmer. Now that the price is up, it is bad for everyone, even the farmer. Prices go up and prices go down, that’s the way it has always been. For some that will be better, for others not so good.

The price of fuel going up can be a good thing. If we drive less, that will be better for the roads so maintenance costs will be less. If we drive less, that will save us money on what we spend on cars. We can stay home more, and that will mean more time with the family. People are always complaining they do not get enough time with their families. They may even get to know their children. Walking to things that are a short distance will be good exercise. All this is good.

If the price stays high, then other energy sources can be developed. That’s just a few good things that could be reported about high fuel costs. If this warming does happen, then there will be less need for fuel to heat the homes. Fifty years ago grass finished animals sold at a discount to grain finished animals. Now, if done right, the grass finished animal sells at a premium. This has been true for many years. It was just that not many people were willing to do it right.

So it is not really the high or low price that is the problem, it is that people would rather complain than change. When prices go up or down it will create problems and/or opportunities. This is when the media can cause a problem for most people. They will only point out the problems and how bad things are.

As was stated earlier, negative news has an “extraordinarily harmful and irreversible impact on health.” It also has a very negative effect on people’s ability to think properly. When not thinking properly, it can have an “extraordinarily harmful and maybe irreversible impact on your financial wellbeing.”

Read the positive articles. Keep a good attitude. Turn off the negative. Look for the opportunities that are always there. Even during the worst of times, there were some great opportunities. Just look and “ye shall find.” It is really up to us to make things work.

Or we can just complain real loud, then maybe the government will help us. Of course, their help always comes at a PRICE. They will take some of your freedom as a down payment, then with the help of the negative media the payments for their help can slowly take away most of our freedom. Stay positive, then it is easy to succeed and keep the freedom we have.

I believe Joel Salatin said most of the things that he wanted to do was illegal. That is because people in the past were willing to give up some of their freedom for help from the government. When people get enough negative news about something, even if it is not completely true, they want a law to protect them. Positive news that is truthful would help us and help us keep the freedoms that we have.

Be positive, then you can Smile and Mean it.