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Bud Williams Stockmanship
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New Book, “Bud’s Musings,” Available Now!

It seems like every time I try to find something on our web page, I get sidetracked reading something Bud wrote. An hour and a half later I’ll shake loose and finish what I started. Though I’m the one who posted all these things for Bud and should be familiar with them, I’m still amazed at the insight he had and how timeless his Musings are.

Tina and I decided to put together this collection of Bud’s Musings posts from both the regular and the subscription website for my kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. At first I wasn’t going to sell it, but we thought others might also enjoy reading them. Even though many of the Musings relate to agricultural topics, the ideas he shares translate to any other business or industry.

We offer this spiral bound, 145 page, 5.5 x 8.5 inch, soft cover book at just our cost to print and ship ($15 each).

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All Tina’s notes about final edits!
The cover