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All our DVDs are now Available on an External Hard Drive!

As technologies changed we moved from selling our videos on VHS tapes to DVDs. Well, it’s time to change yet again! We are now offering all our DVDs as .avi files on an external hard drive!

We had a recent request for this which got us to thinking others might be wanting this option also.

If you are buying the 18-hour Stockmanship Plus video and want to also buy one or more of our DVDs and have the files put on an external hard drive, we can put the files on the same external hard drive as the 18-hour Stockmanship Plus at no extra charge (beyond the price of the item). If you are just buying one or more of our DVDs and want them put onto an external hard drive, it will mean an additional fee  for an external hard drive ($25). We can fit all our videos onto one external hard drive.

If you buy the DVDs on an external hard drive, that’s all you will get; you won’t also get the actual DVDs.