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Eunice Williams
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Bison Gather

I love to get emails like this from people whose lives we’ve touched:

The Bison rancher 6 miles north of our place came into the yard 7:30 Wed morning. He had 65 prs and 2 bulls heading south into the wind. We found them a couple miles south of our place in our wheat field. It took most of the day, but after I convinced him to send the rest of the “help” home after scattering them. My son Adam and I worked quietly with them walked them back into the field they came out of. Not something I would have chosen to do that day, had to quad through a lot of crop but when all was done I felt pretty good about getting it done. I thank Bud most every day but that day, more than ever. I had never worked with bison before.

I will never be Bud, but because of Bud and Eunice I am many times more effective with stock than before and passing it on to our family and crew has been so rewarding. I reference my career in chapters 1. Life before Bud 2. Life after Bud. I consider it one of my life’s many blessings to have known and learned from Bud and Eunice.

Duane Thompson — Saskatchewan