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There are three things the livestock industry has problems with, they are:

  1. Grass Management
  2. Stockmanship
  3. Marketing

What I mean by “problem” is that they are not being done very well by most people. Probably the biggest problem is finding someplace to learn how to do them better. The Universities are no help at all. In fact, they may be the biggest part of the problem. When something new is developed or presented to the public from a private individual, “Certain Universities” will spend large amounts of money and time trying to prove it won’t work. If they can’t prove that it doesn’t work then they ignore it, wanting it to just go away. The ‘Livestock Industry” is very little to no help too. They are more interested in proving that what they are already doing is best or to just ignore the problems. This is not meant to be critical of the Universities they are probably excellent at what they do, whatever that might be.

Where can someone learn how to work animals better, learn how to manage grass better, and learn how to market profitably? It will probably have to be from some individual that has learned how to do a better job. There are some out there, you just have to look for them.

For years the Universities have been training agitators. Now we have a large group of people that agitate for their living. They have developed a large industry of finding fault with things.

Almost everyone wants clean water, air, and environment. The agitators may know very little about these things, they don’t have to, all they have to do is say something is wrong. When they keep yelling that something is wrong the public, who also does not know, will send them money. That is how the agitators make their living or sometimes much more. That probably used to be kind of good because it put pressure on people to do a better job. Now things are changing. The agitators are beginning to be in charge. Almost all of the government agencies are now or will soon be run by these agitators. The government agencies should be run by people who know something about the industry that they are in charge of, not just by someone that has been finding fault with it.

The reason I bring these things up is that the three things that the livestock industry has problems with will be some of the many things the agitators will be trying to change. They will want to change some and will try to completely stop the others. This it not meant to imply that things are bad or that this is going to be the end of the world, it just means we should learn how to do things so good they can’t find anything wrong.

The agitator can only exist if things are wrong enough that the public will send them money. Without that money they cannot exist. They like money just like everyone else. It is just profit that they are against. We have had agitators for thousands of years. There was almost always some group trying to change something that they felt was wrong. These agitators did what they did because they were sure it was wrong. They were not getting paid and not always getting support from the public. Yet they were able to make changes when they were right.

This has been good except when the agitators got too much power. The labor unions are a good example of agitators getting too much power. At first the unions did a lot of good. Now they probably do far more harm than good. The union knows very little about how to operate the business yet they have enough power to keep making demands that may cause the business to fail. When the business fails the workers all lose their jobs. All except the union leaders, they still have their job. When the agitators get lots of power the group will turn over the power to a few, that is when bad things happen.

Our school system was very good to excellent when the parents were in charge. Now it is run by a few people with lots of power and an agenda that is not about giving young people a better education, it is about getting more power for the people in charge. Power has a strange effect on people, some will never have enough and will use almost any means to get more. There are many professional agitators, they move from one emotional issue to another until they find one that the public will finance. That has worked alright in the past, except now, we have a government willing to finance the agitators with no regard to right or wrong or how much it will cost.

What should we do? We can do things so well that the agitators will leave us alone. Or we can become agitators and get enough power to do things better. That is what the founding fathers of this country did. While all these things play out or happen, why don’t we just learn how to do our jobs better? Or we can wait and let them force us to do what they think is right. Since the people who will be in charge have no idea what is right or wrong, it might be wise to not wait for them to force the change.

It may already be too late but that may be OK, too. When any group tries to use too much force, that’s when people will stand up for what is right or at least what they think is right. The people in California voted down higher taxes and other things the government tried to force on then. The people in California have just not been hurt enough yet to vote out the politicians that are causing the problems.

I didn’t want to write about political things, but just wanted to say this little bit. We have such a wonderful country, and a form of government that is the best in the world. When will we wake up and realize that we have to have good people in the positions of power?

We need people who want a great country, not people who want power; then we can Smile and Mean it!