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Bud Williams Stockmanship
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I have been working intensively with a group of 4 cows, doing ovum pick up.  The cows are in a larger group of about 25.  Every time I work with them, I have to gather and sort.  I then put my 4 cows through the chute, and perform prep/procedures that can last in upwards of 45 minutes for each cow.  The cows have yet to show any indications of being “chute-shy”, and in fact, as expected, they have learned the drill and have no objections to the chute nor to injections.  The last set of injections I gave them, they didn’t flinch one bit.

As a veterinarian, I unfortunately often have to play the hand I’m dealt on most farms, which sometimes includes poorly gathered and sorted animals.  The above scenario is the exception, and truly enjoyable.  We had installed a Bud Box at one of the Purdue Farms near campus.  After staff members learned to use it properly, they love it!  The superintendent of the Southern Indiana Purdue Ag Center (SIPAC) also installed a version of the Bud Box, and they have had positive reviews.

Recently, I was on a farm that had just installed a new handling facilities.  It is a very unconventional and interesting design, but seemed to work well.  We were preg checking cows, and after a bit it became very obvious that the client had a considerable degree of cowsense (which is why the facilities seemed to work so well).  I ask if he had heard of Bud and Eunice Williams, and he said “Oh, yes!  I have gone to his schools.”  So, in many small places and many small ways, the impact continues.  Thank you for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do.

Bethany Funnell, DVM, DACT  –   Indiana