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Warm Season Grass Pasture Walk

Warm Season Grass Pasture Walk                            June 28, 2014     3 p.m.-8 p.m.
Join us for a pasture walk at the Hamilton Ranch in south-central Missouri.  We will see not only warm season grasses, but our project of establishing 100+ native species for grazing.  This is our first year of really grazing this diverse native planting since establishment, but we are excited about it and think that it can be better for grazing (some research we have read suggests 230% more production from diversity than the biomass king, switchgrass) and also better for wildlife (a different research project that has one year of research behind it suggests that controlled grazing of diverse natives can be better for quail than the best management that we knew how to do before).  We are also excited about the prospects of soil health with this project. 
If you plan to come, let us know so that we know how much food we need for supper.  Don’t follow computer or GPS derived direction to our place; rather get directions from our website http://www.hamiltonnativeoutpost.com/
Loren Steele
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