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Starsky Owes Bud His Life

Starsky was a 5 yr old Warmblood gelding that was taken in lieu of payment for work done by my rider from a breeder.

The horse was unbroken and had been very badly handled and treated. He hated everything and everybody. His saving grace was that he didn’t bite or kick.

We started breaking him the English way with lots of lunging and long lining and we had got to the stage of riding him. However he started to bronc and also to rear and go over backwards. He would even do this on the long lines and would throw himself into the fence.

One day after two months he went over backwards and landed on the rider, at this point, the horse was very fit from lots of lunging and work. I took the decision to send him away to live in a field with cows and not go near him for 3 months. I figured that being left in a field he would lose his fitness and would get used to being on his own. He then went to a friend who is an ex Jockey and very good with difficult horses.

Peter worked him for a month and had him long lining and going beautifully but he still couldn’t get on him. I went down for the weekend, with the decision made, that if I couldn’t ride him by the Sunday he was getting shot on the Monday.

I borrowed a dummy which he accepted really well. I got on him on the Saturday, but he reared and I came off.  I took the reins off the bit and put them on the head collar which was on under the bridle. This worked and whilst he still bucked a bit he didn’t rear so on the Sunday I brought him home.

For the next week I rode him every day and every day I shook with fear before getting on. On the Saturday the girl that helps me said “Liz you are not getting on this today he’s in a real temper.” Steve had sent me Buds DVD and I had watched it with great interest the night before but I was still concerned that buds method might make the horse angry again.


I made the decision we will do this the Bud way from start to finish. I followed Buds steps and rode the horse that day with no problem. I was delighted.  I then continued with Buds methods every day for the next month gradually reducing the steps one by one.

Starsky has continued to develope into a kind and co-operative horse.

Starsky has his first show jumping show this weekend and is now a pleasure to ride. He still can be a little cold backed but is now a happy horse who without Bud Williams and your desire to release “Starting the Colt” DVD  would be dead.

Thank you so much for sending me this DVD. Starsky owes you and Bud Williams his Life.