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Bud Williams Stockmanship
Eunice Williams
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“Handle Issues in the Present”

Let me share something-I just went thru 2 days of continuing education for accountants in Chicago this week. The presenters had many points that related to what you and Bud advocate in life. They specifically advocated thinking about the present moment in what we try to manage and change. We control our thoughts and no one else does in life. When we release all the constraints, hangups, and distractions, it is amazing how peaceful we can become with ourselves. We become more observant, specifically with animals and people. We deal with our employees better when we handle issues with them in the present. Bud was a master at this and I specifically mentioned Bud twice in the 2 days. Bud was a true gift to us. You and Bud truly have touched my life, even though sometimes I am a little dense.