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“Placing” Animals on a Small Acrerage

Question:   Is it possible to place sheep and cattle on small acreage and have them stay in the areas you want grazed. We have 137 acres and about 10 cows. We are also interested in sheep, and just wondered on this size place if Bud’s handling methods would allow us to place the animals for rotational grazing or if we had to fence paddocks to rotational graze.

Answer:   In order to rotationally graze such a small area you will have to use fences in order to protect the grasses that were previously grazed.  Bud’s methods will certainly help to make them comfortable wherever you put them and allow you to use areas they didn’t previously  want to graze..
Go to our website  www.stockmanship.com and click on the HERDING button on the left side.  Especially read “My Two-cents Worth” posted July 12th, 2009 which gives examples of some of the places that we have done this.