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Marketing Interest from South Africa

Question: . . . . I live in South Africa and heard on a number of occasions about Bud’s work on livestock marketing.

Some questions from my side:

  1. I see I can buy some of your DVD’s, but how do I pay for it if you don’t have a credit card facility?
  2. Will the livestock marketing DVD be enough to start buying and selling livestock or will I need more training?
  3. What is the difference or similarities between Bud’s work and the ideas of the KLR marketing school?

 Answer:    We have never seen one of KLR’s Marketing schools, but hopefully there is no difference between Bud’s work and the Ideas of the KLR Marketing School. Rod Knight, Jim Lindsay and Grahame Rees learned from Bud and have our blessing to teach his methods in Australia. We realize that there is some difference in livestock marketing in the two countries, but the principals are the same.

Some people have no problem learning Bud’s methods (SELL-buy Marketing, not BUY-sell) from just the DVDs, but for the people who have questions we have a Subscription Section to our website where, for $300 per year, Bud is available to answer unlimited e-mail questions. These Q & A’s (as well as other articles that Bud writes) are posted on the site anonymously for all subscribers to view. As of this date there are over 800 different postings on the site.

We don’t plan on charging for the website after April of 2013.  Anyone who is a subscriber at that time will continue to have access as long and Bud and I are physically able to keep the site going.

You can send payment via Western Union. Go to www.westernunion.com for a location for a local office or to take care of the transaction online with your credit card. You would then send me the “number” and I can use this to collect the money at our local Western Union location.