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About Helping a Young Friend

Comment/Question: . . . I enjoyed the course [many years ago in Australia] very much because it was such an eye opener. Handling cattle after that became a pleasure, I suppose not only for me but certainly also for the animals, instead of adversaries we became friends. I must thank you so much! Now that I am getting older and consider ‘Retirement’ as an option, I would like to pass on what I have learned from you to a young friend who is just starting a beef cattle herd, he is trying to do everything quite ‘logically’ [his logic] and I can see him making quite some unnecessary mistakes. He would not worry me so much but the welfare of the animals is a concern. And that leads me to two questions, a) are you by any chance holding a training school here in Australia again and if not, b) do you have/sell the Stockmanship School as a DVD. Option a) would be the preferred one as one can ask you questions but if not b) would be better than nothing.

Answer:     It’s great to hear from you. It’s always gratifying to hear that you were able to take things home from our school that has been helpful to you.

I’m afraid that old age has finally caught up with us and we won’t be putting on anymore schools.

We have a Stockmanship DVD set for sale for $125.00 (US funds). This video is about 5 hours long so of course, it doesn’t show as many videos of cattle work as out 16+ hour school. It is still quite complete as far as teaching Bud’s livestock handling methods. We also have a subscription based web site where Bud is available to answer your e-mail questions for $300.00 per year. We feel that people who are serious about learning from Bud can still do so buy using the DVDs and the website.