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Question: . . . . I am writing to you as I wish to learn more about Bud’s Low stress stock handling. I have done a LSS course here in Australia with Jim Lindsay a few years ago when I was working on a company station in the Northern Territory (NT). I’m now running my own station here in the NT which is very much undeveloped, by this I mean there is some 75,000 ac that is unfenced and even of the fenced country here, has very little infrastructure, not even a set of yards. After doing the LSS school with Jim we started setting up portable yards using the Bud Box design with great success, but am hungry for more information. I am wonder does Bud have any information on different designs for yards and watering points that may be of some value to me. I would love to also come over and do a school with Bud, how often does he run schools. I did work in Texas mainly in the Panhandle back in 2004-2005. A well worth experience, it was great to see how a job can be done so differently to achieve the same results.

Answer:      I’m sorry Jay, but I’m a firm believer that people should design their own corrals. If you have been to a school or have purchased our DVD set so that you have a background understanding of my concepts I’ll be happy to look over your design and make comments. Eunice has attached some material on the Bud Box that you might find helpful.

“it was great to see how a job can be done so differently to achieve the same results.” I’ll argue a little with this statement. If you are only judging by being able to “sort cows from calves,” or “getting a group of cattle through the processing chute quickly,” etc., I might agree. If by “same results” you mean that after the cattle have gone back to pasture or pens they are in a frame of mind that contributes to gaining well and staying in good health, then I don’t agree at all. Not that “my way is the only way,” but I firmly believe that the welfare of the animals is always #1. Surprisingly enough, I’ve found that by always keeping this in mind I’ve found that the jobs will be completed more quickly.

I’m afraid that old age has caught up with Eunice and I (79/74) and we won’t be putting on anymore schools. We have a Stockmanship DVD set for sale for $125.00 and a Marketing DVD set for sale for $200.00.  We also have a subscription based web site where I’m available to answer your e-mail questions for $300.00 per year.  We feel that people who are serious about learning from me can still do so by using the DVDs and the website.