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Bud Williams Stockmanship
Eunice Williams
883 E 505th Road
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New Mexico Testimonial

We run a family ranch (cow/calf operation) in northeastern New Mexico.  My whole family and I have attended Bud’s Stockmanship workshops (actually, my parents have been twice).  We have learned so much, and appreciate you and Bud more than you know.  When my grandfather (who had run the ranch all his life) died in 2002, we were left with an overstocked ranch full of wild and spoiled cattle.  Disposition was our #1 culling criteria.  Bud’s low-stress cattle handling was one of our main tools in transitioning to a gentle and workable cow herd.  Today, I am proud to say, that we have achieved that goal!  The difference from when we started is incredible.  Working cattle is now minimally stressful on the cows, as well as the crew!  We thank you all so much for your help in this achievement.