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Comment from Another Student (more)

Comment: I’d just like to add this yet. Don’t give up encouraging someone that is having a hard time comprehending. There were days that I was so frustrated I didn’t ever want to see another cow. And then I’d think of what Bud says about watching the animals, they will tell you what to do and that made it even worse! But somehow I stuck with it and now I understand what he was meaning.

Answer: You don’t have to worry, I never give up on anyone unless they give up on themselves and then there is very little chance to help. After spending 40 years learning these things and then 20 years teaching I realize just how hard it was for me to learn and sometimes even harder for some other people to understand.

We shouldn’t look at this as easy or difficult, it should be looked at as a challenge to overcome. When attempting to do something that is considered work people approach it with a totally different attitude than they would approach a game. People like a game that tests their skill and as they get better then they want a more difficult game.  With work they are just the opposite, they want everything to be easy and always work. Life is not like that.  We should learn that problems are good, mistakes are good, thing that are difficult are the best. Why do you think some people climb mountains, cross oceans, and do all kinds of dangerous things that have no value and just love it? Yet someone that has a little problem while working will get so upset and want things to be easier or even done for them.

Problems while we are working can be a wonderful thing as they give us an opportunity to improve our skill level and really learn how to get better, or the problem can upset us then the job is difficult our skill level gets worse and we learn nothing.

When someone climbs a mountain, the more difficult the better and even with all the problems at the top, they are so excited even though they have actually done nothing of benefit and probably at least 10,000 other people have climbed the same mountain before them.

When someone is gathering a group of cows and calves, even if they have lots of problem, but finally get things right and get the cows to where they are going and they are all mothered up calm and quiet, this should be the very best.  They have increased their skill level, they have learned a lot and they have actually accomplished something that 10.000 other people before them have not done that well.