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No Limit to Better

Comment from a Student: We learn from our mistakes but when something goes right it’s nice to look back and review it and understand why it went the way it did. You told me that things don’t go right because a person got so good but because he did the right thing every time. This has helped me a lot to think of it this way. I helped a friend get some cattle in the other day and sort some he wanted to haul and things went very well in spite of the fact that these cattle are usually moved at high speed with motorbikes. Starting and moving right , they behaved like any other cows even though they had never seen me before. My own tame slow motion cows are driving much better. If they are waiting at the gate which is seldom anymore I can turn them all and drive them away no problem. Ok here’s my question about that. We are grazing our first grass much taller this year instead of younger grass that’s pure protein. Much less going out the back end so I think their protein / energy balance is better. I really don’t know much about this. What I do know is the cattle are content and I know that’s all that really matters. But when pondering what went right, I wonder, is it more to do with training and proper handling, or with better feed balance? Probably both. They don’t even hardly look up when stringing up new fence right beside them and I move them almost every day. Whatever it is its much better than it used to be. Thanks again for all you do.

Comment from Bud: Almost everything about working animals or even owning animals is a combination of things and they all must be done reasonably well to get a good job. Very seldom does doing just one thing better make things work really well.

We’re really proud of what you two are doing and the progress you have made. Just keep getting better – there is no limit to better.