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Comments From a Student

I spent the last week on a crew weaning calves. Talk about frustrating and disheartening… The cattle were in groups of 120 to 200 per pasture (largest pasture was only about 4,000 acres). Typical of ranches here . . . . . they spend most of their time in pickups checking water lines and little (if any) time in the cattle. As soon as they get close to the pens they start trying to push them hard (from the back of course) with the expected response of the cattle to stampede and scatter. I saw more cattle roped and loaded into trailers just to get them to the pens than I’ve seen in thirty years.

Yesterday really took the cake. We had another stampede, and I followed one group to the back of the pasture, got them settled and drove them to the pens. The boss opened the gate and six cowboys and the manager come at a run and building their loops. Most of the crew were upset with me for driving the cattle to the pen rather than “cowboying up” and roping them one by one in the pasture.

At that point I just rode off in disgust. I just can’t figure out why these outfits can’t see just how much money they are burning up doing things they way they do.

Thanks for letting me vent!