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Pig Handling Update

This is from a letter we received from Nancy Lidster (see “Pig Stockmanship” on our Main Homepage).

“A year ago I was ready to call it quits on the handling stuff. I told Don I would give it my absolute best for 6 months and if nothing changed I was going to move on to other things.

It seems things have changed / are changing. I’m getting some work in the states now. We’ve had a couple of companies get me in to do training sessions with all their staff. One company is getting me back for a third time to follow along with their loading crews which lets me be a lot more useful to them and I get to learn a lot just by watching their people progress.  . . . . .  has the trucking company that hauls most of their pigs putting all their drivers through the online truckers’ course.

Maybe one of the biggest changes is that folks I’ve worked with who had little to say before, are starting to speak up. The procurement manager of the first packing plant I visited gave a presentation in November. I hadn’t heard any comparative figures before and there’s certainly more at play than just my involvement; they’re really committed to doing good handling – not just talking about it. They’ve gone from >10% of carcasses not suitable for their Japanese customers before, to <1 – 2% rejected in the years since. It’s a boost just knowing things like that.

It was a big help getting together with you folks in June and receiving your support and encouragement first hand. Thank you ever so much.

. . . . . As long as there are still people wanting to know more about moving pigs and thinking I can help them with it, I’ll keep giving this my best effort.

Thank you for everything including starting me on this journey.”