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Letter from Australia

This is a letter that was forwarded to us from the folks at KLR Marketing, they are teaching Bud’s Marketing methods in Australia.  Thought you might enjoy it.    Eunice

Whenever I send cattle into the saleyards, I always make an educated, conservative guess as to what I might receive.  In the past, though I can’t remember specifics, I do remember that the emotion disappointment was always in the mix.

 Well, three weeks ago I sold steers, two weeks ago I sold heifers, and yesterday I sold old cows with no teeth (surely old cows are a recipe  for disappontment!)

 Have you noticed that the auctioneer usually tries to start the bidding where he expects it will end, then someone will put in a lower offer and the bids will slowly climb back up to where he tried to start?  Yesterday with the first pen of cows he tried to start at $1.40, and it shot straight up to $1.46!  Anyway, over 55 gummy old girls we averaged $1.413, or $846 a head.  Sixteen of them averaged over $915 a head!

 Last week my agent picked up 24 cows, in calf, with good calves at foot (around 200kg) for $1000 a unit, so we’ve bought a calf and teeth for not too much money.

I was equally pleased and pleasantly surprised with the steers and heifers.  Nothing is safe in the paddock – it is all at risk at being turned into cash.