I Recommend Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions

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I’m happy to recommend the Stockmanship and Marketing schools Tina, our daughter, and her husband, Richard McConnell are now putting on.

Visit their webpage at Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions

Sorry, we won’t be putting on any more schools

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Sorry, we won’t be putting on anymore schools, but you can still learn from Bud with the DVD sets on Stockmanship and Marketing that we have for sale.

To find out more, click on the “DVDs for Sale” button.

About Our Stockmanship School

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Though the DVD set that we sell has only about a half-hour of video of people actually working livestock (the rest of the time I am talking and diagramming on the black board), at our 2-day Stockmanship Schools we are showing video of working livestock over half of the time.  We have found that people learn much more at these schools than the schools where we actually worked animals.  It’s pretty hard to convince a cow to “back up and do it again” because a student missed the cue that she sent the first time.

My method of working livestock consists of learning to “read” what the animal is telling you and change your position so that she wants to go where you want her to go.  It is important that the animals do not consider you a threat to them. People have written articles about my Stockmanship methods, but if they use predator/prey examples you can be sure that they do not understand the concept at all. The last thing I want my animals to do is to think of me as a predator. My goal is not only to work livestock with very little stress but also to take existing stress off of them. By handling the animals this way, you will be able to get the job done more quickly, efficiently and with less cost than by the traditional methods. Some of the other by-products are increased performance and reduced health problems in the animals, as well as still being on speaking terms with the family after a day of working livestock together.

About Our Marketing School

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At our Marketing School you will learn the advantages of Sell-Buy marketing which gives you your profit at the time that you replace your inventory so you “know” that you are trading at a profit as opposed to Buy-Sell marketing where you can only “hope” that your animals will be priced so that you will have a profit when you decide to sell.

You will learn how to know which class or weight of animals are over-priced and which are under-priced. 

The cow/calf producer will learn how to value the animals in his herd (heifer calves, yearling heifers, bred heifers, first-calf heifers, mature cows) so that he can make an intelligent decision when it comes to deciding how many heifers to keep for replacements, how deep to cull the cow herd, etc.